Toy & Book Stores


505 Cerrillos Road
Across the courtyard from Talin Market and Ohori's Coffee
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Play is a unique and charming store for children; we carry clothing, books, and European style toys, all of superior quality and safety standards. We carry such brands as Appaman, Kit & Lili, Petit Bateau, Charlie Rocket, Tea, Haba, Plan Toys, and Bruder Trucks. Our mission is to inspire children’s imagination, as well as promote their physical and intellectual development.

Throughout childhood, play serves as a means to develop physical abilities, cognitive skills, speech, and language understanding. While absorbed in play, children establish friendships, build self esteem and learn new ways to solve problems. We think that providing the tools and environment for the many ways children learn and grow through play is among the most important services we can provide, which is why toys are also available in the store for children to play with as their parents shop.