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Fun Art for Children

Santa Fe, NM

Fun Art for Children offers original, fun, creative, and educational activities for children at special events, birthday parties, and schools. These interactive activities engage children in the arts, using props and art materials to create movements, artworks, and crafts.

We offer an interactive children’s space for events for all occasions. Whether you are planning an event just for kids, a family event or an event for adults with a kid’s space, our unique activities are fun for everyone!
Openings, Community Events, Holiday Events, Family Days for Companies, Weddings, Conferences, Birthday Parties, Schools, Summer and Winter Camps, After-school Programs, Libraries, Malls, Hotels, and Resorts, among others.

We provide a variety of art and movement programs appropriate for all ages. Children become highly creative when they are engaged in movement games with music and transform themselves into artists to create their own masterpieces.
Activities are custom-designed to work with your event theme and with the needs and interests of your guests, customers, or students.

We can accommodate any size space and group, whether indoors or outdoors, and in English or Spanish. We supply everything to make your event the most successful one! Set-up and clean-up is always included.

Call 992-3261 or email for prices and details.