Cerrillos Hills

Santa Fe, NM

Easy. 4.5 miles for full loop, can be shorter, estimated elevation gain 363 ft.

The Cerrillos Hills are a historic mining area. The trails offer plenty of opportunity to learn about the geology of the landscape and the history of the mining. Structures have been added to safely look into old mines and scattered along the trailside are informational signs that tell of the geology that was shaped over 30 million years ago by volcanoes. This is a fun trail with lots of options, trail intersections are well marked but a map of the area is recommended. Stop by the new ranger station for a map and more information. This area can be extremely warm in the summer with very little shade; hiking during the cooler hours is recommended. There is a horse stable nearby, so spotting horses on the trail is likely. Bring lots of water and sun block.

Take Cerrillos Road South out of town until it turns into Highway 14. Continue on Highway 14 for 11 miles. Turn right onto CR 57 at the sign “Los Cerrillos Traditional Village”. At the first intersection of town, First Street, turn right and go over the railroad tracks. Continue on this road, which turns into a dirt road onto CR59, past the Broken Saddle Stables. After a short distance you will see a small cemetery on the right, the trailhead is on the left a little further ahead. The trial starts on the far side of the road.